Approaching the heart of life’s secret
The Truth of existence the real reason
Everything is complicated and manifest
The last heat before the silence
The dust in my chest makes me understand
Where we are from and what’s next
Why do we fight why do we stand
The world’s mechanism, infinite process
Time is obsession
Pain becomes passion
Each second as a gift
New bullets in my feet
Preventing the return of my internal beast
The outlines of my body disappear
My organic consistency recedes
The past gone, in the present I should have lived
Even in the light I can see the stars
My near future obsesses my mind
Under the sun I’m still in the dark
My spirit is burning under my skin
Time is expanding
I can’t trust the brain
When light swallows the substance
Releasing what I am
I’m seeing my loved ones
All around, their warmth
Far from the ground
Out of time

Written by Diane GIANNELLI
Proofreader : Paul-Thomas CESARI