No sound, no pain no emotion
Let the brain, perform all it’s functions
Pulse beating in my head
Blood burning in my veins
Migraines, I free myself from the chains
Fuck ! Forgetting everything
Bang ! Bang ! Like shooting me in the face
You can’t stop the past
You can’t stop the past from haunting you, can’t stop it!
My mind is confused I need answers
It’s back in my head giving orders
Same obsession in me, waiting for breaking free
So many things make me asocial
Existential crisis
Confidential deviant behavior
Lack of education
Everyday’s a hammer blow in my head
Sealing my fate and the coffin of my madness
You’re weak
Please don’t dare to cry
Live my dark ritual
Slow down, don’t be rude calm down
I need to focus on my favorite job now
Familiar with insanity, murderer of innocence
No chance weakness, is the only thing I can stand
Fuck them ! Fuck you ! Feeble creature
Be as I want, be mine, become my sculpture
You can’t stop the past
You can’t stop the past no, never no !
My masterpiece you have to know something
I haven’t been really honest with you
Don’t blame me, I coudn’t tell you but in fact
I am this kind of guy, those I hate so much
I’m like them, yes I am, I’m weak !
And I can’t stand that, I can’t !
Don’t wanna see my reflection in your eyes anymore
Live my dark ritual
Please don’t dare to cry

Written by Diane GIANNELLI
Proofreader : Paul-Thomas CESARI